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The 31 Days of German Riesling 2017 has now finished.


Thanks for taking part and keep an eye out at www.winesofgermany.co.uk
where we’ll be announcing the winning restaurant and retailer for 2017.



Searching for the perfect wine to match Asian food?

Try a German Riesling – it is one of the few varietals that pairs well with hot and spicy flavours!

Searching for a dry Riesling?

Look for the word ‘trocken’ on the label as that means ‘dry’.

Did you know?

Riesling’s birthday is on the 13th March – the oldest official mention goes back to 1435!

With naturally high acidity

Rieslings are said to be amongst the best white wines in the world, and some have ageing potential similar to some of world’s best red wines from top regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy.